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"Dear Mr. Tressler:
Thanks so much for sending me Laurie Hudicek's recording of my solo MAKROKOSMOS.. It makes composing seem worthwhile when one's music is so effectively and sensitively interpreted.. Thank you so much for your contribution to this project. Best wishes for the New Year!"
Sincerely, George Crumb

The piano sound you have recorded on the Crumb CD is incredible. Thank you for sharing it with me. The sound is crisp but not thin, spacious but not blurry, and very real/natural. What a great job! ... Thanks again for the CD!" -Oskar Espina Ruiz

" your disc. Those are truly beautiful recordings. A wonderful combination of presence and ambience. An almost effortless presentation of performers, carried into my room. Very palpable presentation, and beautiful tonal balance." -Preston Smith of Perfect Record, St. Paul, Minnesota








"The sound quality you achieve is wonderful." -John Strohbeen, Lead designer of Ohm Acoustics

"Jeremy Tressler has the best ears in the business and among the best equipment. He is my first choice." -Dary John Mizelle, composer & audiophile recognized by Grove Music and internationally.

"Yes! I listened.. and I'm impressed. They sound very good and I like the music too." -Michal Jurewiz of Mytek Digital

"Thanks for the CD Jeremy. Good job!" -George Walker

"Sounds fabulous. Go for it. Thank you. It will never sound better! Let me know when to expect the final one:)" -Laurie Hudicek




"Hi Jeremy, The CD of Martin's music is fantastic on all instruments. Thank you for making me sound like that!!" -Paul Cohen

"And---the recording of the trumpet piece sounds great--I'm really pleased with the way it turned out so congrats to you, Jeremy..! Thanks for doing a great job, and I'll look forward to the finished product." -Ray Mase

"I have the CDs.. I really appreciated your spirit in putting these together. You were patient, kind, unobtrusive, and meticulous. The concert CD is certainly the best recording we have ever had. Thank you for all of your help." -James Wetherald organist Stamford First Presbyterian Church