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Be aware of the difference between a professional mastering engineer/ studio and the person with a nice stereo, computer, and some rack mounted equipment.

The abundance of low cost technology has made it possible for everyone to own products that are supposed to perform at least the most basic tasks of mastering. In truth, most if not all low cost digital technology audibly degrades your original sound with each pass or process that you initiate. Technology aside, a true mastering engineer is someone who has a history of consistently and skillfully improving the quality of your recorded sound. The best mastering engineers are capable of doing this better than anyone else. At the same time, they are in the best position to refrain from performing unnecessary work. All too often, an under-qualified 'mastering engineer' eager to add his/her 'touch' to the recording will inadvertently reduce the recorded sound quality. This is easy to understand when you realize just how corruptible the listening process becomes in the face of the many auditory illusions a person must overcome.








If you want your music to sound good on everybody's listening set, the sound must be mastered in a neutral or unbiased listening environment, otherwise the good sound you get (along with your room's sonic contribution) will sound terrible in a different room. This is because differences in room construction are related to differences in room sound. Practically all rooms with walls have a sound, that is, they contribute a sonic characteristic to the music that you hear. The result of a room's sonic contribution is similar to having a randomly programmed EQ inserted into your listening system. A professional mastering suite has been designed and treated so that the room has as little or no sound as is possible. Please note that a mastering suite is not an anechoic chamber, as this would entail another set of unique problems.



There is no such thing as a mastering box, program or algorithm that does the work of giving you better sound. While many of the boxes do provide mastering tools, they don't do the work of applying those tools for you, and while they do come with 'presets', these are a false promise. Every recording sounds completely different and the implementation of techniques necessary for true enhancement is necessarily unique.