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Westchster's largest acoustic recording venue
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Audiophile Quality Recording Studio
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-Your choice of two 4000sq/ft recording venues in-house.
-Record in a real performance hall with a gorgeous, natural acoustic.
-Beautiful, inspiring, atmosphere for creating your best performance.
-Steinway D with Hamburg-Stanwood custom action.
-Artist & Student discounts for the most affordable rates in NY.

-World-class sound comparable to the best of RCA Red label, Erato, Telarc & Deutsche Grammophon.

"This is the last place left in the NY Tri-State area where you can record in a magnificent sounding hall, with a great engineer without breaking the bank." -conductor Michael Recchiuti

NY's premier high-value studio specializing in the production of audiophile quality acoustic, classical, and electro-acoustic music.

George Crumb said of our complete production of his Makrokosmos for FACD6805:

"..Thanks so much for sending me Laurie Hudicek's recording of my solo MAKROKOSMOS.. It makes composing seem worthwhile when one's music is so effectively and sensitively interpreted.. Thank you so much for your contribution to this project. Best wishes for the New Year! .."

See what Paul Cohen has to say of his own recording:

"Hi Jeremy, The CD of Martin's music is fantastic on all instruments. Thank you for making me sound like that!!"

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Richard Cameron WolfeOur clients include artists, labels, producers, amateurs, churches, schools, and students. No project is too big and no budget too small. Our flexible, modular approach to music production allows us to bridge your artistic and economic requirements with the best possible sounding result.

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