Audiophile Quality Recording Production
Classical Recording Engineer Jeremy Tressler
Westchster's largest acoustic recording venue
Mastering-Grade Control Room
Audiophile Quality Recording Studio
Quality Live to Multi-track Recording
World-Class Post Production
Audiophile Quality Mastering
New York Location
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Partial List of Recording Credits

Furious Artisans:
FACD6801 'Soundscape'
FACD6802 'Haus Musik'
FACD6803 'Nine Stellar Pieces'
FACD6804 'Sound & Repercussion'
FACD6805 'Makrokosmos vol. 1&2'
FACD6806 'Background Count'
'Paris X'
FACD6808 'A Noise Did Rise'
FACD6809 'Ab nou cor''
FACDxxxx 'Transforms'
FACDxxxx 'Dawe Singles'

Genghis Barbie

Sound Collector:
'number six'
'number seven'

KB13701 'Basque Heart'
KB13702 'Complete Works of Menendez'









Soundspells Productions:
CD 125 'The Orchestral Music of Meyer Kupferman Vol.11'
CD 129 'Moon Music 2000'
CD 126 'New Tunes on Jazz Elements'
CD 110 'The Moor's Concerto and Wings of the
Highest Tower
CD 123 'Echoes From Barcelona'
CD 127 'A Faust Concerto, Among The Windy Places'
CD 122 '3 Symphonies 1980-1996'
CD 124 'The Orchestral Music of Meyer Kupferman vol. 10'
CD 134 'Orchestral Music vol. 15'

Summit DCD 274 'Lilacs'
Albany TROY523 'George Walker In Concert'
Vienna Modern Masters VMM2033 'Keisho for theorba solo'
Eclectra ECCD-2053 'The American Muse'
George Walker
Cygnus Ensemble
New York Woodwind Quintet

Hoff-Barthelson Music School & Students