Audiophile Quality Recording Production
Classical Recording Engineer Jeremy Tressler
Westchster's largest acoustic recording venue
Mastering-Grade Control Room
Audiophile Quality Recording Studio
Quality Live to Multi-track Recording
World-Class Post Production
Audiophile Quality Mastering
New York Location
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Westchester's largest and best sounding venue for the recording of classical and acoustic music.

Two acoustically diverse, 4000 sqft rooms that perfectly satisfy the gamut of musical styles ranging from classical chamber music to folk, jazz, new-age, and alternate forms of acoustic music.

Sanctuary, 86’X39’X30’: A real worship & performance hall offering a phenomenal 3 second decay time.

The Hall, 86’X39’X20’: A dedicated performance hall with a transparent 1 second decay time and a 20’ x 39’ maple stage.