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An active composer, conservatory trained musician, & audiophile, Jeremy is able to provide you with a degree of musical sensitivity and technical control that is not to be experienced elsewhere.

Beginning his career as a composer and montage artist for the modern dance world, he helped to bring Capacitor to the spotlight with his exotic electro-acoustic compositions in their seminal 'Future Species' project.

In 1986, an introduction to Meyer Kupferman led Jeremy to concentrate more exclusively on the refinement of acoustic recording techniques. Jeremy was to become Meyer's exclusive US engineer.

Continuing his path as a non-conformist and champion of the arts; Jeremy was discouraged with the economic inaccessibility of the state-of-the-art by those outside the commercial eye. In 1987 Eonta Sound (now Dreamflower) and the furious artisans record label were established as an alternative to the status quo. The label, with its profit-sharing contracts & non-expiring catalogue is devoted to the most innovative of recent & living composers. The studio serves the label and greater clientele with affordable access to state-of-the-art audio production.

Jeremy continues to receive accolades for his reference style recordings from leading audio industry developers and musicians alike.

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