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Audiophile Quality Recording Studio
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State-of-the-art, live to multi-track recording. Our flexible, modular approach offers the best possible sound for any budget configuration.

Two or more simultaneous sound tracks can be recorded direct to disc at 24 bit resolution with sampling rates of up to 192khz.

A selection of the worlds best sounding converters, microphones and pre-amps are available.

A pair of ears that can tune and focus your sound with the sensitivity of a musician and the acuity of an engineer.

Listen to our juke-box to get an inkling of just how realistic our recordings sound!

Did you know that moving the microphone one inch in any direction can dramatically change the tonal characteristics and quality of your recorded sound?







A little effort up front saves a lot of effort later on:

A great recording saves the client from spending significant amounts of money, time, and energy on post-production.

Post-production is defined as all work that occurs after a sound recording is made, typically this includes; editing, mixing, & mastering.

The original recorded sound is seminal to the outcome of the finished product. All subsequent processes are a primp, i.e. post production can only add, subtract, or synthesize upon that which is already present within the original sound. The post-production process becomes increasingly complex as the quality of ones recording is diminished. A great recording with minimal post-production work can always sound better than a poor recording with tons of expert post-production.